Cutting The Energetic Cords

ties you cut from others

Cutting the energetic cords


What does cutting the cord mean?

People who are close to us form energetic bonds that can resemble cords of energy that link one person to the other. I remember when I first discovered this and realised I had so many of them to cut. Some being very difficult and some cords being easy.

So why would we even do this?

The reason I cut my energetic cords with people was because I had moved on with my life in a different direction and these people no longer served or supported my new path. I wanted to feel like I was no longer energetically connected anymore. I also went through a long period of IVF treatments, some failed cycles, a few miscarriages and ovum that did not stick, all these little cells hold energy and the more difficult it got with not getting pregnant the more little energy fields i was attached too. So for me, removing the energy cords was very sad, however very necessary for me to be able to move on. I still remember i just am not energetically tied to these energy fields. I felt the more i went through the process the heavier I felt and I needed to be light, so I could start another round without having the energy ties with me.

Some people see the cord in their minds eye and other just feel it. Some people know there is a connection still to another, however they don’t know what it is. This is all ok, we all have different levels that we are at and there are plenty of people who can help you cut the energetic cord.

Those who have seen the cords usually meditate and describe them as being different for each person. For me I saw colours some dark grey and others purple.

The attachment you see can be a thin cord, or you can have a thick and heavily cord. The cord can be connected to your chakras and can have multiple thick cording that literally shows your attachment, either mentally, emotionally, sexually, or all of the above.

So naturally, when we care about another person there is no problem with these cords. Although when we work in an area or like to serve others then we can connect to many we don’t have relationships with, these cords although not heavy or they could be, also need to be cut, they can be reconnected at any stage.


Of course, when you care about another, the cording is not usually a problem . The cords acts as a way for us to send and receive energy between chakras, heart space, mind, universally between theirs and ours. The more energy we send, the bigger the cords, and this is normal in any relationship.

Communication between chakras is how a lot of communication happens between people on an energetic level.

 There’s a chakra connection between two people as well when they come in any form of relationship.

Chakra communicates by transmitting the energy from the right side and receiving it on the left side. When this happens, the flow remains balanced. However, it is not always necessary that the transmission is flawless. There could be a communication blockage in one or more chakra.

Whenever the chakra of the sender is blocked, damaged, and under or overactive, the good communication is disturbed. The chakra blockage, damage or activeness can be corrected by chakra visualisation, healing processes, meditation, and breathing exercises that focus on chakras. So when two people are in some form of relationship and they are intuitive or really in sinc with each other you will feel the imbalance.  Some people really feel the imbalance as pain or a tinge or a tickle for the other person.

However, when we want to let someone go because we aren’t moving on, the person is taking energy or it just doesn’t feel right then this connection between you and the other person can hold you back. This is how i felt with my IVF journey and i really felt i needed to let go in order to move forward.

So lucky for us we are able to remove the energetic cord.

Sometimes cords reform again and this is entirely up to us, but when we are ready to let someone go, we probably won’t go to the effort of reforming the energetic cord any longer. Remembering sometimes others reconnect that cord from time to time, so be aware that this can happen and check in often to make sure you are happy with the energetic fields you are allowing to connect with.

Let’s look at some symptoms  you may feel from a heavy cord:

  • Unable to stop thinking or obsessing about a person
  • Always thinking about the past and feeling others ongoing judgment or criticism of you
  • Arguments, you create in your head about the other person (story creation)
  • Constant memories or emotions or reminders that arise – i.e. I always see there car, I keep seeing people that look like them.
  • Temptation to go back to a relationship that does not serve you
  • Stalking another online through social’s, watching them compulsively
  • Not sleeping
  • Incapable to move on
  • You  are always reflecting on the past and what happened there
  • Deep feelings of sadness, anger, and depression around the past
  • Feelings of wanting to get revenge, or constantly aware of unfair treatment
  • Crying a whole lot, an emotional wreck
  • Your having conversation with the person in your head.
  • Turning down other offers and invitations, feeling uninterested
  • Becoming stuck in the past, not looking for new opportunities

What can you expect once the cords are cut?

In simple terms, you can expect to find your mind no longer dwells upon the person as the energetic attachment has been dissolved. Your mind is quieter, calmer and it’s like cleaning out a closet – all those old emotions attached to that person dissolve as the communication between you ends. You now have extra space in your mind to fill with something better, and you will certainly be clearer in your intent.

Imagine the freedom you can feel having that extra peace of mind, letting go of unwanted baggage, not to mention being free emotionally as well. If this sounds too good, you may be wondering why don’t do this all the time.  Because we are never taught how or that it is an actual thing. In a world where we tend to believe in only what we see, such energetic cords of attachment go unnoticed and so we tend to carry unwanted energy and connections around with us many more years than we need to.

When you do a cord cutting on the energetic cords that bind you, the above listed symptoms lift. Some people charge money to cut the cords for you, this is entirely unnecessary as it is only you who can do this for yourself, not another. There are others who can assist you in cutting the cords, however only you can cut them.

How do I know which cords to I cut?


You can cut the cords with any person who is not aligned with you and your purpose. This is to say anyone who sends you strong energy and who intrudes on your thoughts and emotions even when you are alone. If you are done with a person but find they always intrude on your thoughts and you can feel them around you or in your mind, you can cut the connection by cutting the energetic cords that attach the both of you.

Some people with strong sexual bonds can find relief here as well by disconnection your sexual chakra to theirs, if such a bond was once formed. If an old flame was harmful or hurtful to you in some way, being free on all levels is incomparable. You literally move on and a new space is formed around you. You can then proceed to fill that space with more amiable and pleasant thoughts and feelings and new sexual connections.

You can also cut the cords with any person who has abused you, either physically or emotionally. Victims of any crime (rape, beating, even bullying) can form bonds with the perpetrators that continue on energetically, even long after the crime. Cutting these bonds will help healing that much faster. This will help you to release the pain and clear out your energy field or aura of that trauma.

You can certainly continue to cut the cords until they no longer recur and you have completely moved on. If a cord cutting fails, this indicates you are not willing to really let someone go yet. This is okay; it just means you aren’t truly ready to move on. There may be a lesson in this relationship you have yet to master and your current attachment is giving you the opportunity to learn the lesson for good.

We come now  to the actual cord cutting.


The Process of Cord Cutting

Cord cutting can be done in several different ways, however we will focus on some of the most easiest ways for you.  You can use your spirit guides, Angel guides your energetic guides, your animal guides, your higher purpose, future you (the person  you are aspiring too be) you can envisage yourself doing it with the help of any one of your guides. You can also use your eseterical self as well eg if you are a priestess or a warrior or a light worker.

Remembering if you will need to ask which every guides you use to help you, as they need your permission to intervene, so you must ask or invoke them into action.

Simply say the following words or a version of them with intent.

I ask my ………… guides to help me in this task. I wish to free myself for all eternity from ___(name)___ so that both of us may go free from ties that bind and all energy attachments from the past. It is time to move past the experiences we have shared. I am thankful for what I have learned and lessons given, but this attachment is no longer needed and is holding me back and affecting my ‘now’.

With my energetic power I now ask for all cords to be cut, for all energetic cords physically connecting the two of us to be removed, dissolved, transmuted and cut free, and all energy to be returned to the original sender.

It is my intention that no more energy attachments hook onto me from ___(name)___.  With forgiveness and peace I release them to move away from me and move on whilst I do the same.

I now call upon Archangel Michael (or Sananda, Saint Germaine, Kwan Yin, Mother Mary, Mother Earth, the Source or one of your chosen guides) to surround me and cut away the cords and give me protection. I ask that this be complete and sealed NOW. Please cleanse my aura of negative energy and emotions, and seal it with love. thank  you for your help and I am so grateful you came to assist me.

Once complete, just sit for about 5 minutes letting (who ever helped you) do the work, breath in for five, hold for five, breath out for five hold for five and repeat, feeling only gratitude. Sometimes during this process you may feel sensations, feelings may come up and just let them wash over you and know you are safe. Some people like to use Selenite knives, i actually love using my selenite knife as i can feel with the help of my guides when i have cut through.

Hope this serves you well and you know you can be free from the bounds.