Giving Your Energetic Power Away

How many times do you give your energetic power away to others? I know I do from time to time and I also know I used to give it away all the time. Are you tired of fighting with others?

The truth is many of us operate well with others bad energetic behaviours.

Because we ourselves are holding onto something that may include;

  • Lack of self esteem
  • Lack of self confidence
  • Unhappiness with themselves or their lives
  • Trauma
  • Difficult situation, like health issues, financial insecurity, old stories
  • You could be highly judgemental of other and yourself
  • Jealousy or even envious of others

When someone is being destructive, or mean and displaying uncaring behaviour, they are usually acting out from something going on with them, not with you. They may blame you, however the reality is its about them.

Does this make the behaviour right or excusable, not at all and if they are really effecting your life and your energy then its time to do something about that for you. You always come first.

The reality is when people are negative, destructive, or blaming you for everything, then they manifest these negative behaviours from within where there is pain. Usually when we have inner paid we often reflect this out to the people we care about the most.

So when you are in the midst of an argument, disagreement, we don’t always know what’s going on as we have already become a part of the discussion and our energy I s being sapped.


Sometimes we really have to look at the why they are doing this.


I remember one of my bosses coming in to do a performance review with me and I had done enough myself to know how these things worked and when he sat down, I could feel he was not in a good place. So straight away I went on the defensive. We started to talk about my performance and he started to say my work was great, I was getting the results the company required. I was working above the line. So I was like oh I must have dreamt that he was not in a good place and then out of nowhere he said “you know you could dress more like a woman and put make up on. I was completely stunned, he went on to say I was a bull and to direct, that I always hit things hard. Now I accept the part of being direct yep that me, however the dress like a girl bit and wear makeup bit was crossing the line. I was about to lose myself in this argument, however I stepped back out and said. Wow, I am not sure that was appropriate for you to say, so today I am going to end this performance review right here, as I can clearly see you are projecting something from you onto me and I will not tolerate that so thank you for today, lets re convene when we can. I opened my door and stood there. He left in a very bad mood.

I knew that this was not me, he may have felt that way, but he certainly was holding onto something that was not my energy nor was it his, so I gave it back. It was unnecessarily nasty for no reason.

So If I had forgotten this I would have taken on his pain and given all my energetic power over to him. So afterwards, I kept thinking about it, kept playing it over and over in my head, what would I say next time to get him on the right track?  You see my mind and my energy and attention kept drawing me back to the person’s negative behaviour and I kept my mind focused on what he had done.

He wasn’t going to change and I had allowed him to take my energy and power. So whatever I said that day, whether we had, had an argument or I explained to him about this negative behaviour, he would not change, unless you worked it out for himself.

So if you encounter someone bad energetic sapping behaviour, consider taking back your power. Own your action, this will actually shift the dynamics and lessen the abrasiveness of the bite.

It takes work and it isn’t always easy, but if you want to learn, let’s look at some things you can do to not lose your energy.


  1. Just ask yourself “is there something else behind this behaviour? Just pause for a moment and take a breath, sometimes this negativity may need some compassion. Which at that moment is the last thing you want to do.
  2. Instead of reacting, take a few deep breaths, pause for a moment, like you would if you were being a detective. Try not to think about what a crappy person they are. Just become objective. This will also help you to not go into fight or flight mode.
  3. Look at what the impact is on your energetic levels. Is the person being nasty and then you just get on with your day, there are some things that done matter in the scheme of things. So if someone is negative and you don’t care then let it go, however if they are negative and it does then get that detective hate on.
  4. It’s not about winning, give that shit up, that the ego talking even if you are right, just give that ego a rest.
  5. Breathe in for five out for five, feel grateful for something whilst you do this. Use whatever it takes for you to stay calm, if it’s a mantra use that.


This will help those negative energetic people from you allowing them to take your energy.

If you have the skills then you can turn it by asking the other person, when you say that……where does it come from? What is really going on with you to be saying things like that? How are you feeling today, what’s that all about? Why do you not feel safe right now?

These are all some examples of what I have said, however this does not always work with some people as they are holding deep rooted behaviours that come from their past. Sometime people just done want to learn or be more self away, respect that and protect your energetic power at all times.

Decide to take your own power back, and be ready the next time someone seems intent on upsetting you somehow. Turn their negative energy into your positive power.

So with all this said and done, if you power has already been taken and you are feeling depleted, there are many things you can do to replenish your soul.

You may be included to wash away that negativity in mother earths living waters, this may be in the sea or a river. Wade into the water and just allow yourself to sink slowly underwater and as you go done say to yourself I allow mother earth to wash away this energy, I allow her to remove anyone else’s energy that is attached to me right now. Do this three times.

If you don’t like the water idea, try going outside either in the moon light or the sun’s rays, take your shoes off and stand in the dirt and ask mother earth to remove the negative energy from your space, from your body and your soul. Ask her to realign you chakras and fill them up with energy. Always thank her for her help and guidance.

If this is not for you then listen to some mediation music and place your feet flat on the ground, envisage the negative energy being removed from your body and you are getting refilled by another energy source.

If chakras are your thing then replenish your sacral chakra as this is usually where our energy is being stolen from fill each chakra up with the colour and allow all the negative energy to be removed from your body. There is no rule to this, if you sit and feel the energy was taken from your throat then replenish it envisaging the colour floating into that space.


Click here to see a Chakra picture


You can ask for guidance from the Lemurian’s or what ever feels right for you. Then you can ask for guidance on how to leave this energy that no longer serves you and, they will guide you. When you call upon your guides and they will share a unique experience with you call upon them and each individual will be given their own way of doing this specifically for them.