Today on our podcast we have the pleasure of talking to Kat Barlow, my soul sister and a beautiful soul. Kat is an award winning empowerment strategist and transformation expert who delivers high energy keynote presentations that challenge audiences to truly notice where their focus is and to pay attention to what truly matters in life. Kat’s super power is to take neuroscience and epigenetic research and transform it into practical strategies that audiences can apply to their lives both personally and professionally. For 15 years Kat worked on film and tv sets all over the world in teams of up to 300 people helping create magic in story telling. She has driven a tank, stood in a burning building, dressed an elephant and been gaffer taped to the back of a pirate all in the name of film. She brings alive these unique life adventures to her talks that will have you laughing as you learn. She is passionate about guiding people to their untapped potential using real world examples. Kat’s life changed forever when at 29 weeks pregnant she gave birth, nearly on set of a tv show, to her son Noah. Noah is an extraordinary soul with complex care needs and this gifted Kat a whole new perspective. His entry into the world took Kat back to uni on an 11 year research journey into how brains work, how to thrive though adversity and how to embrace obstacles. Kat is a neurodiversity advocate, A holistic counsellor and life coach, Meditation Teacher & Human Development practitioner and a Autonomic nervous system realignment therapist. Her work has inspired Kat to teach, develop, inspire and mentor thousands of people through her Empowerment Ethos. We go deep into Kat’s story of how she has overcome some big things in her life and her mindset around this is phenomenal. This woman is such an inspiration and her brain makes mine dance with love. If you would like to know more about Kat, you can find her at where her offerings can be found. if you are interested in any of the topics we talk about and would like further information you can visit me at thank you