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Calming liquid mist

Calming – Liquid Mist

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This Smudge has been created to clear your space and invite energy in for oneself and others. It’s a magical blend to really clear self-negativity and bring in to your space a calming sense of aura. This is the perfect blend to clear all negativities and bring Calm energy your way, it smell heightens your senses to give you some relief of feeling stress, over words, anxious and stressed. Wild Me sells Smudge Products Australia wide.

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Cleanse your aura, clear negative or unwanted energies from your sacred space, and protect your spiritual connection during meditation with this powerful blend. Our gemstone-infused water amplifies the use of our essential oils, providing all the benefits of traditional smudging without the smoke.

Wild Me, Calming blend has been designed to calm and release any anxiety and stress. It will help relieve the stress of others around you by spraying it as a room spray or in and around your body just for you. If you feel you are rushing around and just need a break this is the blend for you. If you are feeling closed off to the world this is for you. If you feel the kids are out of control this is for you.

If you want to protect your own energy or change your energy flow, spray this spray over your face and around your body. This liquid smudge is a smokeless alternative to a burning smudge.

How to use:

Shake well before use.  Spray around you and your space and body. Can be used on skin, always test first.

Sage essential Oil

Sage Essential oil is known to balance, the mind by diminishing anxiety and prompting the reestablishment of tranquillity and relaxation. It is your energy cleanser, it helps to remove any negative energy around you and help clarify the mind, having a balancing, uplifting and soothing and strengthening effect on the senses to help ease negative moods and fatigue.

Australian Rosalina essential Oil

Is a native Australian plant, which chemically is fairly similar to lavender Essential Oil. Rosalina has a component called Linalool, which is known for its calming effects and soothing scent. Its mildly sedative effects that help melt away stress, reduce anxiety and promote mental rest

Ylang ylang

Ylang ylang has a beautiful tropical scent. It can relax the body and reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety, sadness and stress. It lifts the mood naturally and increases feelings of joy.

Australian Sandalwood

Australian Sandalwood is an earthy and sweet oil that can help to calm the brain and help you to switch off. Perfect for those long, stressful days at work where it seems your brain is going a mile a minute. Helps to relive tension when you are stressed or anxious.

Green Aventurine

It is said to increase perception and creative insight. Green Aventurine releases old patterns, habits and disappointments so new growth can take place. It brings optimism and a zest for life, allowing one to move forward with confidence and to embrace change. It enhances one’s creativity and motivation, and encourages perseverance in manoeuvring life’s obstacles. It also reinforces one’s decisiveness and amplifies leadership qualities, injecting a sense of humour and openness to the ideas of others Wear this for prosperity, especially involving games of chance. Worn with love stones it will enhance your chance of finding lasting love.

Moon Kissed Distilled water

Our distilled water has been carefully placed in glass containers and blessed by the moon and completely smudge by us, it is willing to receive your intention.

Moon Kissed Witch Hazel

This witch hazel has been lovingly placed under the full moon rays to generate pureness, she sits on mumma earth and regenerates from both energy sources.

Mineral Salt