Ceramic Smudge bowls


Hand made Smudge bowls

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This beautiful handmade ceramic smudge bowl is perfect for all variations of smudging, incense sticks, cones and slabs, powders, resins and barks.

With its unique hand made design perfect for many smudging uses, we love how it is a multi purpose and rather than the smudge stick sitting on the bottom of the bowl, this design allows your smudge to sit upright and allows more air to form around your smudge sticks, this eliminates the burning smell of ash.

Every single bowl is hand made, so no two are the same, they are rustic with a clever design, creating not only beautiful ceramic bowl but one that uses the Australian clay to its advantage.

Smudging cleanses stagnate energy and purify either your home or your crystals.

Our Handmade hand shaped bowl ware, are made from Australian soft textured Stoneware Clay. Each piece is cut, shaped and hand formed within Robs studio.

Energy in the home can become blocked by day to day obstacles such as stress, anger or arguments. These tensions change the energy around us to stagnate causing us to feel either negative, exhausted and burnt

The surface of each piece is hand-dipped with a non toxic  glaze. Our ceramics are fired to a high temperate making each piece strong and durable.

All of our ceramics are hand made in our Melbourne studio, from Australian Clay Bodies.

Dimensions: Approx 16cm

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Weight 0.36 kg
Dimensions 12 × 16 × 3 cm

White, Grey, Oatmeal