Fertile Waters – Foot Soak


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Created for womb healing, to assist in the journey of Motherhood and growing the perfect womb garden.

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Created for sacred women’s business, womb healing, and to move from the divine maiden to the divine mother. Created by the Wise Woman who has gone within to receive the messages from her ancestors. This bottle has been blessed with sacred smoke, grounded on a sacred rock in the foothills of the Doongalla meaning (a place of peace), sprinkled with a little magick and charged with the intentions of fertility.

Created for its herbal essence and used on the feet for maximum absorption into the body.

Wise Women were the go to people with their herbs and intuition for all types of ailments, they were sort after for many complaints or issues in pertaining to our physical, emotional and mental bodies.

Chinese medicine was built on intuition and the wisdom of the elders, this was passed on from generation to generation and is most important in an all rounded approach to female care.

Our indigenous cultures, whose plant medicine is still used today in western societies and the thousands of rituals and plant medicine that was discovered and used and now lost, in this alone there will be an uprising of the old back to the new.

We have called upon our inner Wise Women to bring back the mixtures of the old ways. It is said that having cold feet has an impact on the womb, its about being completely aligned in body, soul and heart and when we have all this, our body functions at the best it can.

This blend was created for our women folk, who want to connect back to their ancestor’s herbal medicine. That believe in the whole body working in harmony with each other and the energy of mother earth and her most beautiful creations.

How to use;

½ an hour before bed pour yourself a bucket of warm water, place two spoonful’s of Fertile waters into the bucket and soak your feet for 20 min when done dry off and place your feet in socks and go to bed.

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