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Free to be Loved – Smudge


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This Smudge has been created to clear your space and invite energy in for self-love and love of others. It’s a magical blend to really clear self-negativity and bring in to your space love and light energy. Our highest state is love and it truly only starts with loving one’s self first so that when we respect ourselves others will respect us. This is the perfect blend to clear all negativities and bring love energy your way and in turn this will bring on love and light energy into your space, Wild Me sells Smudge Products Australia wide.

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How to use:
You would have received a Crystal with your smudge, this enhances your ritual and ceremony, you can do a few things with your crystal, you can place it in your pocket or hold in your hand when you’re doing your ritual, what will happen is the intentions energy you set in your ceremony will become part of your Crystal and will hold that same energy for a while.
I like to smudge my Crystal with the smoke first, then as I walk around the house I hold it as I cleanse the energy. The good energy is then captured into your stone. You can always add your own wording so the stone has exactly the intentions you want for it.
Remember if you received a quartz of any kind you can also bath with her, and the bath milk to enhance your energy, or you could place her beside the bath with some lovely candles so the energy completely surrounds your space. Don’t forget to re energies her every month, either leaving her to bask in the full moon or by smudging her.

How to Burn Smudge

“Heating” Incense Over Smouldering Charcoal

With this method of burning incense you’ll actually be “heating” the incense, not smoulder it directly on the charcoal. This method of burning incense is especially good for aromatic wood chips.

  1. Fill a heat proof incense bowl or censer with at least 2″ of sand, or natural ash. This will provided some much needed insulation for your burner. Charcoal can burn at up to 1500 degrees F.
  2. If you filled your burner with sand (instead of ash) form a cone shape so that you can place the charcoal tablet at the peak. This will allow air to flow around the charcoal.
  3. Place a charcoal tablet on the ash/sand and light the edge. If it’s self-igniting charcoal (contains potassium nitrate) you will see tiny sparks as you light it and it will ignite quickly so never hold it in your hand! If you need to hold the charcoal over an open flame to ignite it, use tweezers or tongs to hold it.
  4. Wait until the charcoal is glowing red hot and is covered with greyish-white ash. This will take about 5 minutes or so. If you like you can fan or blow on the charcoal to help get the whole tablet started.
  5. If you’re using ash, cover the charcoal with a thin layer of ash. If you’re using sand, loosely cover the charcoal with a small piece of aluminium foil (you can even make a small foil cup). Making sure the charcoal has enough air flow at the top so it doesn’t go out. Sand doesn’t allow the charcoal to breathe like ash does.
  6. Place your incense directly over or next to the ash covered charcoal. If using sand, place it on the foil.

The charcoal will stay hot enough to burn incense for about 45 minutes to an hour.

Once completed you can bury your embers into your yard, just dig a little hole throw the embers into the hole and cover with dirt, always being thankful for the gift the earth has provided you.

You will say the following words aloud (however if this is not possible say them in your head);
“As I stand here before my smudge I ask you to clear my body of negative energy”, (whilst moving your smudge around your body from toes to head. (This will take as long or as little as you need)
“I allow all self-love energy to surround me and open my heart to myself, I am beautiful and just the way I should be right now”. (You can finish your body smudging with that or you can continue to smudge your house/work/things. As you move your smudge from room to room repeat the following 🙂
“I remove all unwanted negative energy from my house/work/environment or items and only invite in love energy for myself/family/friends. I am free to be loved.” (This is continually said as you walk around your house/work. Once completed thank the energy and say something you are grateful for today). “I am grateful for …………….. Thank you and so it is”.
(Once the session has been completed and the Smudge has burnt out naturally, say the following 🙂
“I bury these embers and complete my ritual, thank you kind earth for accepting what once flourished in your hands. So it is.”

Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love and unlimited peace. It is the most important crystal for the heart and the Heart chakra, teaching the true spirit of love. It is the self-love stone and it is excellent at attracting love. I use Rose Quartz around my bed to attract love making either with self or others. Rose Quartz inspires the love of beauty in oneself and others and it is said that in 600 BC, it was an important talisman of relationships. It holds feminine energies of compassion and peace, tenderness and healing, nourishment and comfort.

Rose petals are a symbol of love and passion and the ancient Greeks and Romans associated roses with Aphrodite and Venus, the goddesses of love. Used for hundreds of years to convey messages without words, rose petals also represent confidentiality. In fact, the Latin expression “sub rosa” (literally “under the rose”) means something told in secret. In ancient Roman times, a wild rose was placed on the door to a room where confidential matters were being discussed.

Lavender flowers are of a purple colour which is commonly associated with the Crown chakra. The Crown chakra is the energy centre associated with higher purpose and spiritual connectivity. Lavender flowers help to raise Crown Chakra’s vibration. Lavender has the powers of protection and cleansing and in a magical sense it is used for protection and also for love. Lavender brings a positive energy and when smudged, it opens the Heart chakra and calms the mind.

Sage is used for healing and the smoke released during the smudging process is used to bless, cleanse and heal the person or object or space that is being smudged. It is generally used to remove the outside world’s energy when entering a ceremony/ritual or sacred space. The Latin word for sage, Salvia, stems from the word ‘to heal’. The other qualities of sage when burned, such as giving wisdom and clarity and increasing spiritual awareness, are also indicated in the name, so it’s no accident that we refer to wise people as sagely. The benefit of burning sage is that it’s very simple to cleanse one’s home, office or any other space or thing in need of cleansing.

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