Istkati Balkan Herbal Incense




Istkati: Honouring the lands of Croatia. Istakati means to weave. Infused with European botanicals, these aromatic incense stems offer you a thread of connection to landscapes abundant in rich culture, heart and spirit, Just as plants are woven into the land so too are the Spirits of our ancestors. Created by Lulanimoon Therapies, my dear friend Carmen.

This product is all hand made and some ingredients are foraged locally using foraging principles.

Smoke Medicine belongs to all cultures, and it’s becoming increasingly important to connect to herbs and plants which communicate with our DNA.

Plants have ancestral lineages too, so there may also be times when there are cultural cross overs of plant use. As always, we must use plant medicine with respect and from a place of heart and community.

Carmen from Lulanimoon Therapies would love to share the plants of her ancestors with you all, as many of these are plants most of us love to use and grow in our common gardens.

This blend of Incense may also speak to those with European ancestry, to weave ( Istakati ) a path of connection to sense of belonging on the path you walk. Nature is vital core element to find our truth and our anchor in this world. Without reverence and connection to Mother, we are lost. There is no need to appropriate other cultures’ medicines. Appreciation in use, however is respectful.

Benefits of Istkati:

  • Spiritual purifying and energy cleansing.
  • Inspiring creativity and bringing love and good fortune.
  • Bringing a deeper connection to the divine source.
  • Physical healing.
  • Energetic protection and the removal of negativity.
  • European Ancestral connection
  • Deep connection to Mother
  • Grounding at its most deeply,
  • Grounding the soul

How to burn

Are you wondering how to burn Istkati incense sticks , in order to smudge or simply enjoy its aroma? You don’t have to burn the whole stick, you can cut small pieces off, depending on your use. Hold a piece of Istkati slightly upside down and light the tip until there is a small flame. After a few seconds, blow out  the flame, so only smoke is produced. Place it on an angle embers-down in a fireproof bowl in a way that will allow it to continue burning and gently blow on the embers when needed. This is called smudging. It may need to be re-lit several times so it will continue to release its natural plant extracts and energetic properties. Some prefer to keep small rocks in a fireproof bowl and then put the embers into the rock bed in order to put it out when finished. The stick can be reused several times until it is all gone. The aroma is natural and harmoniously strong.

Ingredients and benefit list;

Rosemary: when burned, emits powerful cleansing and purifying vibration, and so is smouldered to rid a place of negativity, especially prior to performing magic.

Sage: when burned it promotes wisdom and leaves are used in countless healing spells, it guards you against contracting the dreaded evil eye.

Yarrow: an ancient herb, that carries grandmother capabilities, love, warmth, generosity, it grans courage and helps with old fears. It helps you to talk to distant relatives, or your ancestors.

Chamomile: great for sleep and meditation, however it also helps to attract love, its a purificatory and protective herb.

Lavender: want to write a love note to you or a partner then burn this incense and write your note, the wrap a incense stick within and send it to your love or to yourself. helps to relax and sleep it brings a sense of peacefulness and if depressed can bring a sense of joy.

Cypress: Cypress is great for times of crisis, especially at the passing of another. it can support ease of mind when grieving, its has a strong symbol of eternity and immortality. If someone is sick its great to burn to help them to move passed their illness.

Floral water of Yarrow

Frankincense resin: when burned, frankincense releases powerful vibrations which not only uplift your soul and area of use, it will help to remove negative feelings and give you a sense of protection, purification and consecration. Great to use when grounding and wanting to grow more in the spiritual rhelm.

Honey in Sandalwood powder.
honey is fiving something sweet, and also means abundance, if you have stagnated at work or life, honey is the business, it supports you back on your right path, the path of your true essence.
Sandalwood is for protection, healing and exorcism of spells placed upon you, always visualise yourself being healed, see yourself completely healed when burning Istkati incense.



There are many uses of this resin, make sure you do your own testing before using.



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