Medical Manifestations




Do you have a sore back that won’t heal no matter what you try?

Is your neck painful even when you aren’t sitting at a computer all day?

Do you have heartburn and can’t work out why?

Are headaches and migraines taking over your life everyday?

Did you know that as well can be many reasons pain shows up in your body? Often it’s a warning that we have been ignoring feelings that needed to be dealt with, that we have numbed the pain of our past or shoved down a trauma without recalling dealing with.

The energy from this has to appear somewhere…and that’s when dis-ease can appear in our body.

It’s like the brain warning us…something must be done now!!


Join me for this medical manifestation course and learn:

  • hold energy into your bodies, why the energy gets stuck and why we have symptoms in parts of our body.
  • Understanding which part of our body means what when it comes to pain
  • Powerful strategies to to remove this energy and bring your body to ease.
  • It’s time to release the pain of the past that’s hidden into your body.