Rest and Relax


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That time of year is here when we have been so busy putting in time for everyone else, we realise it’s time for some rest and relaxation for ourselves. This is the best pack to unwind, connect back into you and feel grounded again.

Relax Bath milk, sure to help you sink deeply into that relaxed state.

Amethyst Body oil, so delicate and relaxing, to massage this exquisite oil into your body.

Grandfather Sage Smudge Stick, cleansing your energy field, your house and your body.

My recommendation is to use the Grandfather sage first, cleans the house, bathroom, yourself and when you have completed the house, return back to the bathroom and start the bath, place your Relax Bath Milk inside the bath and as its filling up, smudge the bathtub and place the smudge stick on the side of your bathtub in a bowl and let it slowly extinguish itself. Once the bath is ready, slip into the bath and relax, enjoy the feeling of the bath milk on your body as it soaks into your energy field and consumes you with a feeling of relaxation. feel your body relax in the water. Once your bath is complete, do not fully step out of the bath, leave your feet in it as you will be wet and grab your body oil and slowly massage the oil into your body. This method helps the oil get deeper into your skin and giving it a feeling of pure joy and calmness. Once you have finished rubbing the oil into your body, sit back and feel how awesome that feels.

Weight .50 kg