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Grandfather White Sage Tips

White Grandfather Sage Tips – Australian – 25 g


Grandfather White Sage

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Grown in the the high country of North East Victoria, this Grandfather sage is truly a gift from spirit. This sage is top quality products, farmed on organic farm and lovingly tended to.

Tips are versatile and can be used like smudge stick or added to other herbs to create your own little bundles of love, cleaning and connection rituals.

Unlike leaf they are still attached to their stems and one of the tips can be used to cleans the whole house, business or ceremonial area, it will be finished by the time you have completed your cleansing. So unlike smudge sticks you may have to extinguish and relight at another date, these tips are economical.

The burning of sage leaves releases fragrant clouds of smoke sending your prayers towards heaven This action brings in the spirit of love and light, cleanses the bod, mind spirit and activates our desires to bring a heavenly existence to the earth plane.

White Grandfather Sage tips 25g

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