Transformation, through your intuition can be so enlightening and catalyst to where the magic happens for you



We clear your old stories that no longer serve you, we delve into your subconscious programs and energetic patterns of your past and open you up to new possibilities for your life.

Being Present

No longer will you hold yourself back or play a small game. By helping you expand your energy to see your unique oneness and feel confident not only in yourself, around others as well.


We work very closely at your unique oneness and your natural talents so you feel a deep alignment with what you’re creating and sharing with the world. Creating the life you want, without your subconscious holding you back.


I believe the most powerful transformations happen when you go deep inside yourself and take the necessary action required to empower you and we support you in easy steps to get you there.

Imagine knowing your energetic reach and knowing how you can transform your day, week, year.

Imagine knowing your situation will shift and change for the better, that you have the essence to make it happen.

Picture you having the wisdom to open your intuition and stepping into your unique power.

My Offerings

Going with the flow

Flow with your spirit


Breathwork or healing session

Discovery call

Discovery Call

This is a discovery call, to openly discuss what you are looking for in a service with me, it helps us both to identify with why you are seeking my services and helps you to understand and get to know me a little better.

Flow with your spirit

Going with the flow
Wild Me Moons Image

How awesome would it feel to be completely be empowered within yourself giving you a sense of being home?

Wild Me Moons Image

Learning how to live a life free of your subconscious beliefs, feeling into how you really want to feel.

When Lydia gave me some tools, during our lesson and when I used these tools in repetition, my life really started to shift.

Wow, wow, wow, wow, my life changed after I had a session with Lydia, I found out my patterns of behaviour, my blueprints and once I recognised this and used the tools, I found the things I always wanted in life started coming to me, eg; new girlfriend, and its the first healthy relationship I have had in so so long.

I had so many shift, not just in my conscious mind, but my body and my subconscious mind. Learning how to shift my subconscious beliefs and patterns was a life changing experience for me. The aha moments kept coming throughout our coaching sessions and when I used the tools my life started to shift in way I could not even fathom. I have gained my own sense of self worth and I know now that I am a powerful man, thank you Lydia.

FLOW WITH YOUR SPIRIT – a catalyst to personal growth

Helping people to set clear guidelines of the energy they put out to the world and to themself, whilst also gaining alignment with your heart and purpose


Empower yourself program

I work with people who know there is more to life and want to get in touch with their spiritual side, that have always had a calling to do inner work and have no idea where to start.

We are unique, powerful, intuitive, and wise and have the courage to do things differently.

We know we are here to understand ourselves first and then be able to give back to our community, employees and our family.

The time is now for YOU to experience an upgrade for you.

You have the choice now to move out of your own way and align your mind and energy with the person you have always wanted to be.

The beautiful thing about fear is, when you run to it, it runs away!

However you’re scared and feel like you are holding back within.

You know the old ways of doing things are not serving you anymore and you want to break the cycle and change your energy patterns in this world.

You know there is more for you in this life.

But you sense you need to shift something within first.

You sense you have a blockage and don’t know how to shift it.

You have been in your head lately chattering away to yourself, questioning yourself and over analysing, judging yourself and comparing yourself to everyone.

What you’re really need right now is to be able to quieten down the noise and in get in touch with your truth.

But it’s hard to do on your own, and having support from someone who understands and has been there, would make all the difference to you.

This is where I come in……


What happens when you work with me?

Working with me privately is an investment into yourself and your future.

From the moment you say YES to receiving support form me, you honour yourself deeply and declare to the cosmos that you are ready to grow and step into your uniqueness and your future world.

When you take the leap you step into your own power.

Together we map out where you want to go and glowing into each other’s energy we make a pact to get you there.

My coaching style is unique, because it’s not only a commitment to work in the practical realm but to also go into your old behavioural patterns. We dive deep into your subconsciousness, we look into your body intuitively and look at how your energy flows and how your conditioning shows up.

We help you to see and feel and understand what is showing up for you and how to move through it in order for you to learn.

As your coach, I bring my full skillset which is…..

Deep intuitive coaching, medical intuitive, energy medicine, and my extensive Human Resource background and so much more.

My coaching style helps you step into your unique oneness, your inner intuition and your energy flow, it helps you to see your inner guidance system, your super powers and how you can use them to your advantage and success in all areas of your life.

Work 1 on 1 with me to transform your life from the inside out.

I work with people who are kind, driven and feel a deep inner call to look within, open their eyes and EVOLVE.

We are powerful, sensitive, aware, intuitive, smart and open having the courage to do things differently.

We know we are here to fulfil important mission and we know time is now.

You have the choice to now move out of your own way and align your mind and energy with person you desire to be.

You know deep down on the other side of fear is so much freedom for you.

You also know shit scared, Resistant, can feel your blocks and you’re holding yourself back.

The old way of things are no longer servicing you and you need to break out of your cycle in order to have new energy to focus on being the best version of yourself.

You know you are here for a reason.

However you sense something needs to shift so you can go all in.

You have been in your head a lot lately, thinking, questioning. Ove analysing and self-assessing.

What you really need right now is to clear out the noise and get in touch with your truth.

You need to understand why the noise is there and how to clear it out.

However it’s been hard so far doing this on your own, and having support from someone who gets it would make all the difference.

As your coach, I bring my full skill set to the table.

Deep intuitive Coaching, Intuitive Medical, Energy Medicine techniques, Channelled intuition, breath work, wise women techniques and so much more.

Instead of working hard, we work smarter by harnessing our intuitive power together, which is such a powerful technique.

We work on the energetic level to bring more flow to the manifestation process.

We dive deep into the subconscious to unlock your ultimate truth.

We step into your greatness to reveal your true essence and to expand your life.

And by the end of our journey, you’ll be transformed.

You will feel brighter, wiser and living in greater alignment with your soul.

With more confidence, courage and so much more self-love, combined will make your feel high on life.

You will have a collection of tools, so when your life is in your way, you will be able to get yourself out of your rut and move back into your true essence.

Curios to know more?

Here’s how you can get started:

  • Click on the “have a chat” button and submit your details and I will email you our booking system so you can choose a time for our 20 minute complementary chat.
  • Take some time to reflect on what you’re most needing support with so that we can dive straight into it when we speak. During that time, we’ll make sure we’re a good fit to work together and I’ll let you know all about how to begin.

Your 3 month journey with me includes:

This journey is over 3 months is the most intimate and supportive way you can work with me.

This is multi-dimensional approach to change and will support you to upgrade your mental, emotional, and physical, intuitive and energetic state of being.

A sincere commitment to your long term personal growth, consciousness and positive impact on the world are a must for this level of work.


2 x 90 minute private sessions per month for 3 months (total 6 session)

(All sessions will be online live calls over zoom with audio and video on)

Voxer support between session (voice and text messages)


What is the investment?

This journey is a commitment that can change the course of your life.

The investment to work with me as your coach is based on minimum commitment of 3 months (6 sessions).

This is a powerful journey to transform your life from the inside out. It’s not a quick fix. The time we spend together will support us in building trust, safety, creativity and powerful momentum for you.


Investment Information:


PAY IN FULL –  $3333.00

PAYMENT PLAN OPTION – Please ask when applying

Payments can be made by direct deposit, credit card and PayPal.


If you’re interested in working with me for longer than 6 months, we can discuss this on our initial chat.

The ideal is to work with me for 12 months, which means you get 24 one on one session with me over the year.

PAY IN FULL –  $9999.00

PAYMENT PLAN OPTION – Please ask when applying

Payments can be made by direct deposit, credit card and PayPal.

Ready to take your journey to your next level?


Breathwork or healing session

When I first went to Lydia for a breathwork session I actually did not believe that I would release anything, when we started, around maybe 5 minutes in, my consciousness went somewhere else, I started to have feelings arise and started to cry, I remember crying and then I almost started to stop myself and remembered this can be a normal release reaction. Many things happened in my breathwork session and Lydia was their the whole time supporting me to move through these releases. When it came to the end of my session I think I wrote non stop for about 20 minutes, so I could remember my experiences, if you have not tried this, its a must.

I just don’t really know where to start as words can not really describe my experience in the breathwork session. I released in so many ways, I cried, I screamed, I laughed, I felt so happy and full of joy. The experience for me helped me understand where I have been holding trauma within my body. At times I felt myself leave the room altogether and it was not scary, some parts I felt real pain and I remember thinking how does Lydia know I am feeling the pain as she gently touched my heart and supported the release. I have now been back a few times to release my body, my soul and my consciousness of the trauma it has held on too.

Breathwork or healing session

Removing what you have been holding onto in your body through breathwork or Reiki


This is really for people who want to shift deep underlying issues that they hold within their bodies.

If you you have pains, or ailments that continue to come up and you they are unexplainable.

Constantly feel you walk on egg shells with yourself and the outside world and your inner critique is on overdrive.

Feel exhausted all the time and your body is working on overdrive.

When we discovered Breathwork, we are blown away by the power of the BREATH which creates to many shifts in our lives.

It feels like we unlock so much of ourselves an our inner, fears, big emotions and even our childhood trauma.

Breathwork is such a powerful tool in our lives and using it you can work your way through your self-doubts, inner critic and make different choices in life.

Breathwork was created to support our war veterans to overcome the trauma of war and the aftermath of re-joining society.

In order for us to really become connected to ourselves is by doing the inner work, to support us in our underlying beliefs and our suppressed emotions. Within our underling beliefs our body holds onto energy and this energy can become stuck in our bodies and in order for growth we really need to connect back to our mind body and soul, which we call Kokoro.


Breathwork supported me to release some huge subconscious emotions and inspired me to become a mentor in showing you how to empower yourself through breath.




Come join me in a private breathwork session, lasing 1.5 hours.
First I show you how to use your breath to release, giving you techniques to work on it at home.

During your breathwork session I will support you in releasing anything that needs to come up and out of your body, with crystals and tuning forks, energy healing work.

During the session, message may come up within your session, these are written down and talked about after your breathwork session, these messages are important to listen too, as they are the key to you shifting through whatever came up for you in your journey.

This session, is a total cost of $180.00

We also offer a 120 minute or 2 hour session that helps you to go deeper in your session

The cost of this session is $320.00

However if you have a group of friends that all want to do it, must be more than 10, then the cost of a group session will be $130 each.

Integration session

This session is for those of us that really need to connect into their higher self, feel into their own body and asses what its requirements are from an energetic level and a physical level.
It about connecting to your own essence and talking about what it feels like and how to reconnect when you need too.

“It’s about lifting energetic levels and giving individuals and business owners the tools and processes to do these things for themselves, however I am available to help as well”