Some tips on creating your own ceremony to bless the land you live on.

Firstly it’s always nice to ask permission of mother earth to conduct the ceremony.

Then when that is completed, its time for you to start by walking around the block you live on and sprinkle some smudge blend onto the land and asking the land to accept your well wishes.

You see Mother Earth, love ceremony, she love the energy it brings and it fills her cup, so the more you do the better she feels. Considering we take so much from her it’s nice to give back and she loves it.

Then when you are ready, start the process, firstly setting an intention before you light the fire in a safe way. Once lit, set another intention on what the herbs will heal, clear for you then use your herbs in the fire and create the smoke. When the smoke appears, wave the smoke around your body to cleans, clear, heal, whatever you think is needed for your ceremony.

This is the simplest ceremony, however as you learn about ceremony with smoke it can get more complex, depending on what you are doing it for.

Always remember when the fire is out and safe to handle place those embers back into mother earth, she loves to feel the spirit of the fire within her.