Your Thoughts

What thoughts do you project out to the universe each day? When you get up, what are you thinking? Things like, ohhh I am so tiredness or oh I hate my job.
These types of thoughts set us up for the day we WILL have. So if you say your tired and do this continually you have created a pattern in your brain that recognises when you say this to yourself. Then in turn tells your body that you are tired and guess what happens we become tied.

So what if we felt that way but we changed a few things. So rather than saying your tired, let’s trick the brain and say “wow I feel so energized today”, move about like you feel energized and bang the body starts to feel energized. It starts to make new brain pathways and if we continue to change the way we thing, these new pathways become permanent.
You can do this with almost anything in your life.

This morning I heard myself say, “oh wow I have so much to do” and then I said “I will have a wonderful list and will work thought it like a superhero”. I started work and did my list and have really got through so much work all ticked off and even completed tasks not on my list for tomorrow.
If we continue to be consciously, conscious we will then create new brain pathways. I always add that we must feel so grateful for how we accomplished something or how we were grateful to ourselves for breaking habits and then the big changes start to come through.

I feel amazing that I accomplished these tasks. What’s one thing you can say to yourself to change your day?